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Four habits that breed success

I have loved journeying with every person who has completed the Kickstart programme, but last month was particularly special because the WhatsApp group was constantly pinging with workout successes, delicious looking photos of the food in the plan, ideas, motivating comments and SO much mutual support and team accountability. As the results came in and the team high fives were flowing I thought I’d jot down the four key habits that have bred success in the Kickstart crew so far:

1. Preparation/planning – this includes getting your big shop sorted and your menu written down for the week. The team were SO good at this, and knew what they were eating and when, whether it was exactly according to the plan or a mix and match approach. Snacks were prepared and well thought out and we were constantly sharing ideas and photos.

2. Support network – this is where the WhatsApp was invaluable. Everyone was cheerleading each other on, and there was a forum for people to post when they were struggling, sleep deprived or had a blip, and a big virtual hug and ‘you’ve got this!’ was waiting! It also helped momentum to know that others were all doing the same workouts, cooking the same meals and on the same journey. However I think the support network at home is also key – many of the partners also lost weight as they were enjoying the same meals, and embracing the journey too. If you’re thinking about changing the way you eat, explain to your partner/family why it’s important to you to do that and make them a part of it too so they can join you in this health investment.

3. Consistency – most of the Kickstarters found a time of day that worked for them for their sessions, and that was then set. There were few days missed (apart from the allotted rest days) as a routine was established. All Kickstarters commented that they found the workouts easy to fit in as they’re all around 20 minutes. Remember workouts don’t need to be long to be effective. Something is always better than nothing. Consistency is key.

4. Don’t beat yourself up – We all digress! We all slip up! Don’t beat yourself up if you ‘fail’ just get back on it. Tomorrow is a new day. The wonderful thing to hear was that even during this short time period those who ‘digressed’ felt their bodies didn’t respond well to unhealthy food, having got used to a very healthy way of eating. What felt like a treat often shortly afterwards didn’t, as they felt physically tired or less well as a result. It’s amazing how quickly the body gets used to a new healthier style of eating. But the key really is to make sure you can include everything you love – nothing is off the menu, it’s just got to be in moderation amidst the stuff that will really nourish and nurture us physically.

If you feel like you’d like to take possession of your diet/exercise and find a way that works for YOU, then get in touch and we can discuss one of my 8 or 12 week programmes, or a group programme such as kickstart:


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