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As a teenager I suffered with bad scoliosis and hip problems. The reason being that I grew 10cm in 6 months and I was in pain every day. I started focusing on strengthening my back by doing a number of targeted exercises, and now you would never notice that I had any problems. My parents still think it was a miracle but I know it was just hard work which paid off :)

I am a fully qualified REPS Level3 Personal trainer and also a circuit/boot camp, group cycling and boxing instructor.

Growing up, I have always had a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle so I learned more about it and now it's my job... and there really is nothing better than doing what you love! I love working with people, motivating them, pushing them to work to their limits and helping them to achieve their goals. We will work together on building a stronger, healthier and happier you :)

Milly is a fantastic trainer: inventive, enthusiastic, hard working and fun. Together we have got clients in shape for weddings, pre/post natally and smashed PBs, combining my marathon experience with her strength and conditioning coaching.  

She can often be found at the outdoor gym on Clapham Common Westside delivering her awesome sessions, and is pretty much always smiling! She is a joy to work with - I really can't recommend her highly enough! 



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