Having undergone two pregnancies (and labours!) myself I have gained a lot of first hand experience of the weird and wonderful changes that occur during this fascinating period of life. I have also trained a number of pregnant mums, as well as myself, and have learnt the best exercises to keep the body strong and capable throughout pregnancy, for labour and the aftermath.



I have therefore combined this expertise into 12 week programmes, carefully tailored to each client (believe me, every pregnancy is different!) with plans that can be performed in the gym, home or outdoors, plus nutritional assistance to support a healthy pregnancy, and some helpful tips for labour and the immediate aftermath.



John and I expecting our first child, Thomas

The 12 week Programme includes....


- Personalised training plans that are tailored to your schedule,  individual needs and stage of pregnancy

- Plans that can be performed in the gym, at home or outside and are constantly adapted to suit your pregnancy and training response

- Tailored nutrition to meet the demands of your pregnancy in a healthy, simple and easy to follow format, teaching you skills for life

- Fortnightly check-ins with me to provide motivation, answer questions, and hold your hand through this awesome journey!

- 24/7 email access to me - I am there for you every step of the way!

- Access to a private Facebook group, Fast Fitness 4 Busy Mums, where you can journey with other  busy mums finding their way to keep healthy a habit amidst the chaos that is motherhood!

- Relaxation and meditation guides to keep you calm and serene through your pregnancy


I am convinced that without Sarah the birth would have been much harder as would the post pregnancy weight loss. I have worked with many trainers and I can honestly say that none come close to the level of commitment, knowledge and expertise which Sarah has provided