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I launched my business as a Personal Trainer in January 2009 and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people during this time. Every client I have worked with is special and unique to me, and I pride myself on offering a level of service that is personalised, facilitating life change that stretches beyond that hour or two a week.

The success of any fitness programme is inextricably linked to correctly balancing exercise with nutrition – whatever your goals are you won’t get there by putting the wrong fuel in the tank. In 2011 I graduated as a Nutritionist with First Class Honours and so my offering is unique in providing best practice training and nutrition that is based on Scientific rigour and not the latest fad.


Nutritionist (BSc Hons: 1st)

I have got people in shape for weddings and holidays, shaved times off PBs, helped people with injury rehabilitation and back care, trained people before and after births and a whole lot more. I am also a freelance health journalist, writing regularly for titles such as Women's Health, Vitality Magazine and Runner’s World, as well as being a quoted expert in various other publications.

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My greatest fitness achievement is running 12 marathons in 12 days, but now I am taking a break from ultra running to focus on my two small people (aged 2 and 4) which requires a different kind of endurance!

Over the last five years I have got to put into practice for myself all I have been taught about pre and post natal nutrition and exercise.


An experience that has made me all the more passionate about helping women at this challenging and rewarding part of their lives.


MARCH 2019

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, and so earlier in 2019 I decided to set up an online fitness and nutrition offering, and have so far seen some incredible client results. My offering includes both fitness plans and videos, as well as personalised nutrition, complemented by weekly telephone check-ins and text/email support, which really allows me to be a ‘presence’ in my client’s lives, helping them to make lifelong changes through very clear guidance as to how to structure their weeks’ training and food. I am so proud of all the clients I have trained online so far, and feel I have ‘set them up’ for success long-term through the changes they have successfully integrated into their daily lives, making healthy a habit.

ONLINE Fitness & Nutrition Packages

October 2015 & August 2017 onwards!

I gave birth to a son in October 2015 and a daughter in August 2017...and I must say the combination is more exhausting than running 12 marathons in 12 days!! As my family has grown so has my trainer team - I've been busy seeking out the best trainers in SW London to run the PT sessions, recruiting a team who I am proud to say are delivering amazing results for all our clients. I am still heading up the nutritional side of the business, and really enjoying helping our clients make life-long changes. My nutrition degree means we're able to offer more than most PT businesses, by combining training expertise with this specialist knowledge. I am also loving devising training plans, and have been delighted with the results of all our marathon runners, who have smashed some incredible PBs!

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