4 years ago my world got turned upside down with the arrival of my son. In spite of being hugely passionate about fitness I found I struggled to fit exercise in, and so felt like a piece of me was missing. 2.5 years ago my daughter was born and life got yet more busy (in a good way!) I missed exercise so much and so I taught myself to become as efficient in exercise as in other areas of life (sound familiar?!) Just exercising in bouts of 10 minutes had a huge impact on me physically and mentally, and I started to look and feel like 'me' again.

Fast Fitness 4 Busy Mums combines my 10 years' experience as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, with my 4 years' experience of making healthy work within the chaos that is being mum to two little ones!

So often we sacrifice ourselves as mums, and don't prioritise our own health and fitness. I want to encourage all mums out there to invest in a little 'me' time. We can't pour from an empty vessel, so finding a healthy balance will benefit both you and your family. 

Facebook group packed with fast fitness, diet inspiration and time-efficient solutions for a healthier you! 


Personalised training plans that are tailored to your schedule, individual needs and physical fitness

- Plans and videos that can be performed in the gym, at home or outside and are simple and quick to perform, ranging from 5-30 minutes (most workouts are 15-20 mins long)

- Tailored nutrition to meet the demands (and time constraints!) of being a busy mum, with healthy, simple and easy to follow ideas, teaching you skills for life

- Fortnightly check-ins with me to provide motivation, answer questions, and keep you on track

- 24/7 email access to me - I am there for you every step of the way!

- Access to a private Facebook group, Fast Fitness 4 Busy Mums, where you can journey with other mums, motivating and celebrating each other.


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