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I ran my first marathon in April 2011 and my second marathon one week later as part of the Runner's World pacing team. I firmly believe everyone has a marathon in them, and 90% of the battle is believing this yourself, lacing up those shoes and getting out of the door.

Since 2011 I have completed 19 marathons and two ultra marathons. I have been a Runner's World official pacemaker for the Virgin London Marathon since 2011 as well as pacing a number of half marathons. I also ran the VLM once myself, with a PB of 3:20 (2012), and half marathon PB of 1:28 (Reading 2012). I have been on the Runner's World panel at the Running Show in Esher, written online nutrition content for the magazine, and reviewed trainers for the annual Shoe Guide (a particularly fun job!)

My greatest running achievement to date was running 12 marathons in 12 days from North Yorkshire to London in December 2012, raising over £25K for charity HOPEHIV with a team of friends. However after having children I didn’t race for almost four years and so competing in a 10km race earlier this year felt like a monumental achievement. Therefore I know how it feels to be both a seasoned ultra and marathon runner, knocking out up to 100 miles a week, and how hard it can be lacing back up for the first time and building up to just a handful of miles.



ONLINE Marathon training

- 12 week training plan focusing on building up speed, endurance and tailored to your start point and marathon goals

- 4 running strength and conditioning videos released fortnightly, to complement your running training, keeping you strong and injury-free in the run-up to race day.

- Weekly scheduler of training and conditioning plus advice on stretching/rolling

- Weekly telephone calls to inspire, motivate and keep you on track in your training and nutrition, including fundamental advice on how to remain injury-free, pace your training and racing and improve your running technique and economy

- Food diary analysis, nutritional recommendations and meal planner (worth £180)

- Race day hydration and nutrition advice


£425 for 12 weeks

finish 4.jpg


- 10 60-minute Personal Training sessions, including running strength and conditioning, speed/hill training plus crucial core work

- Fundamental advice on how to remain injury-free, pace your training and racing and improve your running technique and economy

- A training plan to follow for the 12-16 week run-up to the race, adapted according to performance during the plan

- A strength and conditioning plan to follow to complement your running plan

- Food diary analysis, nutritional recommendations and meal planner (worth £180)

- Race day hydration and nutrition advice


£650 (£600 off peak)

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The above package can be combined with Personal Training and offered for £750 (£700 off peak) for 12 weeks, including 10 Personal Training sessions, fortnightly telephone calls and liaison between online and face to face trainers to assess performance and adapt plans accordingly


Michiko Fox

"I love to run, but last summer I wanted to run fast, or plod faster, at any rate. I decided to get a personal trainer, but where to start? Obviously location was a factor, but with so many trainers out there, I had no idea who to pick.


"Of the people I considered, Sarah was far and away the friendliest and most enthusiastic; obviously knowledgeable without being intimidating. I explained my then-level of fitness and where I wanted to be – train in other ways than just running, gain strength, and lose a few pounds from my finely cultivated wine belly.


"Sarah immediately made me feel that what I wanted was achievable with hard work and that I would have fun doing it.


"I can honestly say that training with Sarah is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Not only have I become a much better runner, but my body has totally been transformed. I am much healthier, leaner, stronger, and I have so much more energy. I really look forward to my sessions. I don’t care if the weather isn’t always perfect because the feeling I get after an hour will lift my spirits for days."

"I am not a runner; exercise fine, field sports great….. Running for the sake of running - NO WAY!


"Sarah had been training me for a couple of months before I signed up for the marathon, and convinced me to take the plunge. She then took on the challenge of getting me to the start line injury-free and confident that I could make it to the end!


"The real challenge was getting through the winter; staying motivated, having an achievable programme which I could fit around work and having someone to talk to who understood all of this and had done it all before - but never ever got bored of talking running!  This person is Sarah! Sarah was amazing - the program was great and varied, and on the occasions that I could not face interval training alone, she would incorporate it into a PT session.  


"I can honestly say that without Sarah on ‘my team’ I would not have made it to the end of February let alone the end of the marathon.  Post marathon, it took me a while to get my running shoes back on...but I am now a convert - I now  run for pleasure!"

jemma marathon.jpg
jemma marathon2.jpg

Jemma Cowley

Katie Curtis

"Having been very sporty at school and university, I fell into the London cliché of drinking wine with friends after work, eating out a lot (mostly beige food!), and completely getting out of the habit of regular exercise – meaning the pounds started to creep on over the years, and my fitness levels became non-existent.  Getting engaged in July 2012 was the kick I needed to get back in shape – like many would-be brides the thought of dozens of unflattering wedding photos posted across social media was all the inspiration I needed!"


"Having done some ridiculous fad diets, I realised I needed something more fundamental and long term – so I sought Sarah out soon afterwards – and am so glad I did!  Looking back on my first session I find it hard to believe how unfit I was compared to now, but Sarah’s weekly 1-2-1 personal training sessions and bootcamps were so varied, so challenging (in a good way!) and left me on such a high when they were over that it wasn’t long before the pounds were dropping off, and my clothes were hanging off me. Alongside this, I didn’t want to undo all my hard work (and burpees!)  by eating junk, so gradually overhauled my diet too (again with Sarah’s nutritional advice) which when combined with the exercise gave me an overwhelming sense of wellbeing and healthiness.  By my wedding day I had lost over 2.5 stone, dropped to a size 8/10 and could not have felt more confident in my dress – plus I really felt like I had earned all the compliments from guests on the day!"


"But  actually the wedding was just the beginning of  my journey. I was determined not to be one of many brides who start to pile the weight back on as soon as the last guest has left the morning after - I wanted it to be a lasting change. After the wedding, with Sarah’s  unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm, me and my husband signed up to our first ever marathon in Paris – something I never thought I would do in a million years! Sarah helped us with a brilliant  training plan,  and we completed it in under 5 hours, without stopping once – in fact it was actually  the most rewarding day of my life after our wedding day, and we have now signed up for London next year. I still see Sarah once a week for personal training, and go to as many bootcamps as I can (you could not ask for a nicer group of girls who attend) – and I really can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me, I genuinely think she is the best trainer out there and I always tell my husband it’s the best money I have ever spent (and he agrees)!  I feel (and look) like a totally different person to the one who huffed and puffed around Clapham Common 2 years ago – thank you so much Sarah!"

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