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challenge your body with fast, effective hiit and resistance workouts

Tackle 6 key nutrition challenges

kickstart+ team accountability 

Great habits for life

what's new for Kickstart+?

- Stepping things up a gear, these workouts are via easy-to-follow videos, utilising dumbbells, long & mini resistance bands and HIIT training to further challenge the body

- Options to increase or reduce intensity, to suit all abilities and fitness levels

- Yoga and stretch tracks incorporated to provide balance; physically and mentally
- Videos available FOR LIFE 

- Workouts tailored to give maximum benefit in minimum time - short, effective, powerful

- A new approach to nutrition: change your eating mentality by tackling one component at a time, via six 5-day nutrition 'challenges' - Hydration, Smart Snacking, Brilliant Breakfasts, Lean Lunches, the '10 a day' challenge, Dinner Winners and bonus weekend challenges on reinventing food favourites

- Mini audit of each key nutrition area, to inspire change via self-assessment and accountability

- WhatsApp support group to motivate, inspire and encourage each other

- Principles that you'll find easy to take on beyond the plan

- Daily tips and tricks from my motivational email bulletins into your inbox every morning

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