My Team

After leaving the city in 2009 I was lucky enough to have more work than I could manage personally. 

Over the years I have handpicked trainers who offer training outdoors and in homes and we work together to offer a complete exercise and nutrition package


As a teenager I suffered with bad scoliosis and hip problems. The reason being that I grew 10cm in 6 months and I was in pain every day. I started focusing on strengthening my back by doing a number of targeted exercises, and now you would never notice that I had any problems. My parents still think it was a miracle but I know it was just hard work which paid off :)

I am a fully qualified REPS Level3 Personal trainer and also a circuit/boot camp, group cycling and boxing instructor.

Growing up, I have always had a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle so I learned more about it and now it's my job... although it doesn't seem like it as there is nothing better than doing what you love! I love working with people, motivating them, pushing them to work to their limits and helping them to achieve their goals. We will work together on building a stronger, healthier and happier you :)

 Milly is a fantastic trainer: inventive, enthusiastic, hard working and fun

She is based in South West London, typically beasting her clients on Clapham Common, my old stomping ground


She is pre and post natal qualified