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In parks and homes across South West London

and Reading, Berkshire


A.Nutr  BSc Hons:1st

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Sarah O'Neill is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist (A. Nutr.) with a team of hand picked trainers working across South West London and Reading, Berkshire. The team provides Personal TrainingGroup Training and Bootcamps in London and Marbella as well as bespoke nutrition advice


A Healthy LIFE

Exercise and diet are key to good health and happiness. Whatever your fitness level and goals we can help you eat better and exercise smarter

Why PERSONAL training?

Get results FASTER

We will take you places you wouldn't go on your own!

A lifelong investment

Fall in love with training and eating well - for life

Specialists in pre/post natal, injury rehab and more

Looking after you whatever your stage in life

Does nutrition MATTER?

Exercise burns a small portion of daily calorie burn

Overeating cannot be sorted with exercise alone

Eating well is essential for good long term health

Even for people at a healthy weight, a poor diet is associated with major health risks

We can help you get it right:

Making simple, sustainable changes that transform your relationship with food

25% exercise

75% diet

OPTIMISE health with sensible diet AND exercise

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Nutrition Makeover

Sarah gave me such helpful advice. The changes I have implemented following our consultation have made me feel healthier than ever. The recipe ideas were all quick, simple and easy to follow. 

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Training and Nutrition

Training with Sarah is everything the gym isn’t!  It’s personal, entertaining, rewarding, (occasionally exciting) and can be demanding but never a dull moment.


Plus until you’ve compiled your own food diary (as part of your Nutritional advice) you never really appreciated how personal and helpful it can be, as you strive for the body acceptable if not initially beautiful.



Personal Training Client

Having had 3 children in 5 years I was in need of some serious fitness and toning and that's exactly what I got once I signed up with Sarah! I don't think I've ever been fitter!

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