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Personal Training & Nutrition

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"The structure of the weekend was great. The range of workouts, duration of the classes, time to relax all suited me down to the ground. The early morning body balance sessions were just idyllic with the candles and beautiful setting. It helped to work through tight muscles in the morning, and the early start meant we were able to fit a lot in and the weekend -  it felt much longer than 4 days.

"The Nutrition sessions were really helpful; both Sarah's presentations and comments from the others made me realise what is missing from my diet and to decide upon changes to make when I got home. The chef was lovely, the food was so colourful, fresh and a real treat, even though it was extremely healthy.

"Finally the villa was absolutely second to none. Very clean, spacious, modern, stunning view, infinity pool, what more can you ask for!"

"A mixture of intense exercise in a sunny clime, a perfect villa with some lovely people, and time to have some much needed relaxation away from the stresses of London.

"Having yoga first thing in the morning was perfect and very atmospheric.  For a beginner like me it made it even more memorable having the sun rise and the amazing view. I loved all the cardio stuff and the high energy aerobics. I also thought the hike was so much fun and an adventure! The days flew by and having some time off in the afternoon was enough to recharge batteries and feel like this was a holiday too.  

"I was really pleased with how I did with the run and as a result it has given me the confidence to sign up to a 10k – something that I would never ever have considered before the bootcamp.

"The villa was hugely relaxing, I had  such a great time and have come back feeling fitter, happier and healthier than ever before."






'I felt really well looked after during my stay. The villa was fantastic and the food was amazing. I really enjoyed the hike, because it is something totally different, and whilst you are working hard you are seeing great views and enjoying the environment. I have already recommended the fitness holiday to friends.'

"Sarah, you provided a well structured exercise programme, with enthusiasm, encouragement and support. The small group dynamic meant we all got lots of individual attention. I enjoyed all the classes as I felt I was able to really push myself but if things became too difficult you always provided an alternative move so there was no need to give up. John was really supportive and gave us back up on the occasions needed, such as power walking while others ran. You both provided a wonderful, well catered experience and I came home feeling really motivated and felt as if I had really achieved something. You also made it such fun.  

"The boxing classes were really good fun as well as a hard work out. For me it was a totally new experience which was what I had hoped for from the weekend."

"The villa was a wonderful experience. Its sighting was breathtaking. To be able to exercise and relax looking out over the mountains was amazing. Definitely a feel good factor. Our bedroom suite was wonderful. The general layout of the villa was really good for this type of occasion. Everyone was able to be together and get to know each other but still have enough individual space to reflect if they wanted to."  

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"This was a life changing trip for me. It gave me the headroom to reassess my diet and exercise, and since my return I can honestly say I have completely overhauled my approach to both.


"The villa was in a fantastic location, with wonderful views, and the amount and variety of sessions kept us constantly entertained. As someone who does not pay close attention to the nutritional value of food, the nutrition sessions were a welcome and enlightening experience. I would 100% recommend these holidays to friends."