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Personal Training & Nutrition

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I absolutely LOVE training with Sarah. Each session is challenging, varied and hugely motivational, even in the dark cold mornings! I reached my target weight and I couldn't have felt better!

I started training with Sarah prior to getting married. Like most, I wanted to lose weight ASAP for my big day. Sarah pushed me harder than I ever could have on my own.


I loved our sessions so much that when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to keep training. Sarah adapted my sessions enabling me to train to around 36weeks. I can't recommend and thank her enough as it gave me so much more energy. I am sure it made the birth of my son Harry slightly more bearable.

I can't sing her praises high enough. I am now 4months post the birth of Harry and itching to get back to training. If your looking for fun workouts that actually achieve results, then Sarah is the best person for this!

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Having had 3 children in 5 years I was in need of some serious fitness and toning and that's exactly what I got once I signed up with Sarah! I don't think I've ever been fitter!

I trained with her once a week with 2 other mothers and then took advantage of her free, twice-weekly bootcamps.

Our sessions were varied, hardwork(!) and fun. Sarah completely fitted in around all of us and our children and I definitely feel considerably more toned, fitter and more energised than I had for a long time. I would highly recommend her.



Sarah has trained me post pregnancy number 1 and through and post pregnancy number 2 and has done an amazing job! Not only had I lost all of my babyweight within 6 months but I felt as fit and healthy as I had done pre-pregnancy.

Throughout my pregnancy she continued to provide varied, fun and challenging training, adapting sessions constantly in line with my different stages of pregnancy (which in my case was up to 3 weeks before giving birth!) focusing on everything from pelvic floor to fitness levels and even boxing!

I cannot recommend her highly enough for any mum wanting to stay fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy and for any mum who feels that they have simply hit a brick wall in terms of shedding those last extra post pregnancy pounds.

I am convinced that without Sarah the birth would have been much harder as would the post pregnancy weight loss. I have worked with many trainers and I can honestly say that none come close to the level of commitment, knowledge and expertise which Sarah has provided in trying to meet your training goals (even sending me short weekly training programmes to do on my own (which was something I asked for!)