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The Ki FIT device

Why I love it:


Knowing your total calorie expenditure on a daily basis is enormously empowering. The Ki fit collects over 5000 data points per minute to capture your individual metabolic profile. This knowledge enables you to understand, measure and monitor your metabolism, minute by minute and day by day. When I was training for the marathon I would be burning up to 4,000 kcals a day (bonus), I then broke a toe and was fairly immobile – so my calorie expenditure halved. With the Ki fit you can get to know your energy needs and therefore become much more efficient at managing these times of flux. It takes the mystery out of how much you can eat to maintain your weight, and therefore how much you need to reduce your calories by in order to lose it. The Ki fit unravels weight loss and is one of the most exciting pieces of kit I’ve ever come across.


Know your body....

.....with every move

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minute by minute calorie tracking

see your total calorie burn

Best things about the Ki Fit:


- The monitor shows your minute by minute calorie burn – this is great motivation to get up from your desk every few mins and commando crawl to the water cooler!


- Your Ki performance personalised online portal allows you to track your meals, which enables you to see whether your energy in is less/more or equal to your energy expenditure. It also shows your micronutrient profile, so you can see whether you are consuming adequate iron, folate, vitamins etc, which could highlight any deficiencies that you need to be mindful of in planning your diet


- You can set targets for step count, moderate and vigorous exercise and calorie burn; the Ki Fit will let you know when you’ve reached them!  


- The Ki Fit even monitors hours of sleep and sleep efficiency. Genius!

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