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Personal Training & Nutrition

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Why I love it:


As a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist I believe in the importance of top quality ingredients for both improving health status and gaining benefits to performance. Free-range and grass-fed met is leaner and richer in nutrients than your standard supermarket fare. Meat from grass-fed animals has two- to four-fold more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed animals. Western Diets tend to be deficient in Omega-3s which are anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic, and therefore have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as improving cognitive performance, mood and memory. Grass-fed meat is also four times higher in vitamin E content, an important antioxidant in the battle against cellular damage, and richer in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a nutrient which may protect against cancer, and has demonstrated improvements in body composition - reducing fat mass whilst maintaining or improving lean mass. Free range poultry contains much less saturated fat and more unsaturated fat than reared birds, as exercise changes the fat profile of the bird. This also translates to a greatly improved taste quality.


Besides the numerous health benefits, Field & Flower meat is truly delicious, and anyone who knows me will know how much I love my food!

This hand-picked box has been carefully selected to include the leanest of cuts. I have also thought seasonally - the accompanying recipe selection includes lots of hearty stews and winter warmers that won't disappoint. The recipes are also designed to include cofactors to help the body absorb omega 3 and other key nutrients.


Complete the contact form below to receive your month-long recipe handbook, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, to pave the way for a lighter, leaner you. Include your F&F order number to receive this guide free of charge. If you do not select my Field & Flower Fitness Box, reference 'Sarah O'Neill' in the special instructions box of your order.

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