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By Sarah O'Neill, Apr 12 2019 01:05PM

I’ve been working as a Personal Trainer for 10 years and loved every minute of it. Getting diet and exercise on track is a life changer for people – and it’s such an honour to be part of that journey. So many clients report back that they didn’t have the knowledge or confidence about the best ways to get in shape, and by working with me and my team they’ve gained such valuable skills and feel incredible as a result! This is so exciting for me and I’m determined to help as many people as possible find the healthiest version of themselves.

With that in mind I recently decided to launch a series of online programmes so that I can help people across the country, and beyond. I decided to focus on the bridal market, and so am in the final throws of launching ‘My Wedding PT’ ( which offers 12 week programmes to get brides into the best shape of their lives for their big days

All my programmes contain bespoke fitness plans, tailored to individual needs, schedules and goals, that can be performed in the gym, home or outdoors. As a Nutritionist my programmes also include tailored nutrition to optimally support the training element, but whilst hitting weight loss goals (where relevant). These plans are simple, healthy and easy to follow and will teach skills for life, so that clients can combat their food demons once and for all! All my clients receive 24/7 access to me, every step of the way, as I guide them through their programmes, plus weekly accountability telephone calls. There’s also the Facebook page ( which links out to a closed group where brides can journey alongside each other, motivating and celebrating each other every step of the way. Plus the ever important mindset pieces, including relaxation and meditation guides – because so often the mind is the site of many of our battles!

However having decided to focus on brides I suddenly received an influx of enquiries from mums-to-be and new mums, and so based on my studies in ante and post natal training I will am also offering 12 week plans for this audience. This is really exciting for me as I am constantly seeing women fearful of exercising at this life stage due to an awareness that adaptations need to be made, but a lack of clarity of information regarding what exactly IS safe, unsafe or beneficial to perform. This groups of women can really benefit from the 1-2-1 support my programmes offer, and the ability to check-in with me whenever they need.

In reality, my programmes can support women from all walks of life, at all stages in their journeys. I have years of experience in weight loss, dietary control, marathon training, long and short distance training, as well as the niches I spoke about above. If you’ve been trying the same thing for a long time without any success, feel stuck in a rut and unsure how to progress your training and become the healthiest version of you, then please get in touch!

By Sarah O'Neill, Dec 3 2013 02:21PM

If you’re a recent bride-to-be, we know how for some, getting in shape for you big day can seem like a daunting challenge. With so many different Wedding Dresses out there, trying to choose the one that’s right for you and your body shape can be hard. So we spoke to some top personal trainers who told us their key exercises to get the most out of your pre-wedding workouts by tailoring them to your wedding dress style.

London-based personal trainer Sarah O’Neill is no stranger to helping brides get ready for their big day, offering specialised bridal packages and bridal bootcamps on Clapham Common. Sarah regularly contributes to a diverse range of publications from Runner’s World to Professional Photographer (where she is a regular columnist) and the Sunday Telegraph.

With short wedding dresses growing in popularity, Sarah gave us her tips on how brides who are planning to wear a shorter length wedding dress can get ready…

A meringue-style dress may hide a multitude of lower body sins, but with shorter dresses becoming increasingly popular it’s time to tone those pins!

1. Sumo Squat: Begin with your legs just wider than shoulders. Squat down so that your weight is in your heels and your bum is around knee-height (make sure you get low enough to hit that butt!) then as you rise extend one leg out to the side, straight and with toe turned down slightly. Keep your tummy tight and chest high. Then return to your squat and repeat on the other side. 40 reps. Rest and repeat.

The squat is perfect for toning bum and thighs and beginning in a wider stance brings the exercise more fully into the inside thigh too (a typical problem area). The ‘lateral lift’ adds tone to the outside thigh as well as the side of the hips – farewell to saddle bags!

2. Reverse Lunge to Kick: Start with feet hip width then take a big step back with one leg. Lower your knee to the floor for a deep lunge, with the weight distributed between ball of back foot and heel of front foot. From this lunge position extend your back leg forward and ‘kick’ through the ball of the foot, then return to lunge and repeat for around 20 kicks. Perform 20 lunge kicks on the other side. Repeat.

This exercise is great for toning both front (lunge) and backs (kick) of thighs whilst including balance in the exercise means you’ll give your abs and core a workout as well!

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